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How to generate online leads and convert them into sales?

Every business needs leads to convert them into sales. Although we are somewhat good at collecting or creating leads, we mess up with the leads in the middle due to lack of knowledge and patience to handle them correctly.

As we are being prepared to handle clients’ online lead generation, we can’t let our client’s money go in vain because of our inabilities. So, to convert the leads into actual sales, we know that we have to circulate a lot of required information. This is the information, which customers need to decide independently, whether they really need our client’s product / services or not.

While disseminating information, what could be the best way than building a website? So, we create website, which actually help people to identify their own needs independently, without any sales people around. Even, we use pictures to illustrate our services, which look more approaching to customers rather than reading a brief material.

We also know that many people (People from Bengal like to read website content in Bengali while looking for jewelries) like to read websites in their own language, rather than English. This bilingual approach to represent the content seems as a de facto standard for web presence. So, we do develop our clients’ websites into bilingual format, one of them must be English as a standard and another could be any one Indian language which is not limited to Hindi. We also provide other 18 Indian languages at an additional cost.

Moreover, we put every detail of the product or services along with professional grade photographs on website. Thus, we insist our clients for professional photography to stand up in front of customers without failure or dooming attitude.

Even, to address all the generally asked questions from customers’ end, we have included FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. It reduces pressure on the sales executives and Customer Service Representatives, who handle the leads. We found that if we reduce the workload for these essential staff members, they feel rejuvenated and ensure more sales activities to take place with less pressure.

We then create the Payment Gateway for the interested customers to face minimal hassles while they decide to purchase our client’s product or services.

Apart from all of these, we produce the sales script for the Sales Executives or the Customer Support Executives to handle their customers with minimal time and interaction with most of the support provided by the website of our client.

Once these all are done, we proceed to work on our lead generation.

Like other not so well informed businessmen, we do not ask our clients to wait and see our effort on SEO. Even numbers of people think SEO is FREE, which is not true. As we have to give continuous effort to let our clients’ website rank first on google search page, it takes lots of money to make somebody work for such campaign. However, we continue to work on SEO but we do not suggest our client to put their entire business decision dependent on our SEO effort only (Please see our other relevant blog).

Instead, we ask our clients to advertise on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. wisely. It must be wisely, as we do not select our Google AdWords keywords (for instance) or audience without considering our clients’ requirements. Audiences must be those, who can actually buy our client’s stuff. We carefully figure out if any other larger segments like students or job seekers can also use that same advertisement for their benefit, which is obviously not our client’s interest (but as per the current social media scenario, our client has to pay if someone clicks on the AdWords, whether he is student or job seeker or actual buyer).

We also write our advertisement copies in such a way that, students or job seekers do not get enticed but actual buyers do.

We also use our expertise in handling the budget intelligently for such an advertisement. Thus, it becomes possible to make optimum usage of our client’s money, like putting less than the last advertisement cost for landing page or so. Hence, our client’s advertisement will appear on the second page with lesser cost. That may be seen by the actual buyers, who become restless to buy desired services based on a thorough search.

Once this is completed, we redirect this buyer to click on our advertisement to get inside the landing page of our client’s website. See the sample pictures below-

Once the actual buyer gets inside the landing page, we use our trained Customer Service Executive (either from your end or our end, at an additional cost) to handle this buyer. Customer Service Executive will be using all of our lead handling techniques as described before to entice the buyer. The customer care executives will try to make customers aware about our client’s product or services rather than pushing for sale (which can effectively drive away your customers from your site). However, we let the customer buy stuffs online, using our client’s payment gateway. Thus, the customer should not face any problem to buy services from our clients, whenever they want.

As per the research results that we studied, we found people get better sales prospect, when they follow "teaching" method rather than "push sales" method.

If you still have any questions, please get in touch with any of our executives or send your questions to help@hexcodetechnologies.com and let us answer those questions with aptness.